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Great Hall - Kingdom of Durak Deep - Paint ready

Great Hall - Kingdom of Durak Deep - Paint ready

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Welcome to the next level of your tabletop gaming experience! Presenting "Great Hall," a uniquely designed 3D-printed miniature perfectly suited for games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and any other tabletop RPGs.

Our model is expertly printed using high-heat graded black filament. That means whether you're heading to your next gaming session or a tournament, you can transport your model with confidence even on the hottest of days. No meltdowns here! And it's not just about durability - the black filament serves as an ideal base for those of you looking to add a personal touch with acrylic paint.

"Great Hall" comes to life in two interlocking pieces: the roof and a combo floor and walls. It's designed this way for easy transport and to give your gameplay a realistic edge. Conduct thrilling battles and strategic moves inside the building, making your gaming sessions more immersive than ever.

The Great Hall is designed for 28mm wargaming.

As for authenticity, we're proud to share that Conquest Creations officially licensed our store to present printed models of the Kingdom of Durak Deep to you.

We're excited to help bring your tabletop games to life. Welcome to the world of realistic and interactive gaming experiences.
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