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Polycom VVX X01 Handset Tab Stronger (Qty 7)

Polycom VVX X01 Handset Tab Stronger (Qty 7)

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This is a 3D printed handset tab for many of the Polycom phones. Please refer to the list below to confirm this is the correct style Tab. Please check the main store pages for other styles. Or reach out if you have a new style that is not yet listed.

These are the tabs that go above the phone's speaker to hold a handset in place. Since I found they couldn't be purchased, I recreated them and am now able to 3D print them. These are stronger than the original tabs. In the images, the broken tab is the original.

Please note: They can not be slid back into the phone with the tab in. This is because the tab has been made thicker. This is to make breaking the tab more difficult.

These work on the following phones:
Polycom VVX 101
Polycom VVX 201
Polycom VVX 301/311
Polycom VVX 400
Polycom VVX 401/411
Polycom VVX 501
Polycom VVX 600
Polycom VVX 601
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